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The loss of a treasured furry friend can be as painful as losing a loved one. In celebration of this loving bond between people and their pets, it inspired the establishment of Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden. This unique final resting place offers plenty of ways to celebrate the fond memories of a beloved pet. It is indeed a true testament that pays tribute to a special unbreakable bond between pets and their owners.

Pet Funeral Service

Our specialised service staff will provide your beloved pet with dignified ritual care and we encouraged you and your family’s presence and participation so that together you can be part of its final journey. Sorrow and grief are the natural responses in coping with loss, and we are there to assist. Nirvana offers burial and cremation services for pets; both handled with no less respect than we would with a loved one.

Nirvana Pet Memorial Service

Service Flow

1. Door-to-door pickup service to collect the remains of your pet. (The service is restricted to a location within a 35-km radius from Nirvana Memorial Centre, Kuala Lumpur).

2. The remains will be put into a seal bag with hygienic handling for transfer to the Pet Memorial Garden.

3. Disinfection of the remains.

4. The remains are placed in the Pet Casket (standard design) and decorated with flowers.

5. The remains will be buried within 24 hours after arriving at the Pet Memorial Garden.

6. Burial hole dug and prepared for burial prior to the arrival of the remains at the Pet Memorial Garden.

7. The casket is placed into the burial hole for burial. The burial plot will be thoughtfully landscaped.

8. Tombstone complete with desired inscriptions is erected.

Pet Memorial Garden

Pet Burial plot

Burial at Nirvana’s tranquil Pet Memorial Garden provides a comforting choice to express a lasting tribute for faithful animal companions that hold a special place in our hearts. Aside from assisting in all aspects of the burial and funeral service, we also a variety of monuments from simple headstones to statuaries carved in the likeness of your beloved animal companion to commemorate a special relationship like no other.

Pet Columbarium

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden

There is absolutely no reason why we can’t commemorate your beloved animal companion in the same dignified manner upon cremation. After completing your farewells, we will transport your pet in our own specialised Pet Memorial Garden hearse to our own designated pet crematorium facilities.

We can assure you that your pet’s earthly remains are respectfully handled and accorded with loving care and its ashes safely returned upon burial in an urn. Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden has its columbarium where you can place your pet’s ashes to rest amid a lush and meticulously maintained environment like the rest of our memorial park. We can assure you that after a life of devoted loyalty and unconditional love, and your beloved animal companion can find rest in a peaceful and beautiful garden of souls.

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