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The principles of Sheng Ji or “Living Tomb” involve creating a tomb for a living person to harness auspicious energies of an environment with excellent Feng Shui to remedy imperfections contained within the subject’s destiny or Ba Zi.


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NV Seed takes advantage of the powerful Feng Shui dynamics found at Nirvana’s various memorial parks endorsed by renowned masters to install Sheng Ji. By deploying this Feng Shui remedy, an individual can improve a person’s life in multiple ways such as enhanced fortune, career, health, family relations and overall luck.

Why NV Seed

Benefits of Installing Sheng Ji

Promoting longevity

Sheng Ji improves health and healing. Through this, lengthen one’s lifespan and achieved longevity.

Triggering positive energies

Sheng Ji triggers positive energies in one’s life, strengthening the body and motivating the mind towards more significant endeavours and achievements.

Changing destiny

Nobody is said to have the perfect Ba Zi in the Chinese metaphysical, astrological divination art in life. To remedy these imperfections, the installation of Sheng Ji can alter the course of one’s destiny.

Spurring career growth

The infusion of positive energies through Sheng Ji's installation can also bring about more opportunities in life that help spur career and business opportunities.

Promoting fertility and wealth

If one suffers from fertility issues and bad financial problems, Sheng Ji's installation can help improve the situation to help in conception and remedy wealth issues as well.

Improving human relations and luck

Often some people may find themselves having no luck in attracting helpful people or a romantic life partner. They even find themselves frequently at odds with members of their family. The installation of Sheng Ji can bring about positive changes in human relations and improve overall luck.

Encouraging meritorious deeds

Positive life changes only come when a person learns to be charitable. The installation of Sheng Ji is not considered as a free ticket towards better fortune. Instead, one is encouraged to perform good deeds to bring about favourable luck in life.

Happy Marriage

A happier partner makes life more comfortable, which leads to greater satisfaction and wellbeing in the other partner. Sheng Ji can help in spurring a good relationship for the other half.

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