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Burial Plot

Nirvana Memoria Park is governing by excellent Feng Shui, unique natural landforms found in the environment. The right term of good Feng Shui environment consists of five auspicious aspects; namely mountain (termed as “dragon”), meridian spot, water source, protective embraces and direction.


Nirvana Memorial columbarium is changing the way we honour the departed. Increasing land space constraints and the growing popularity of cremation serves as an inspiration for Nirvana to create and design columbaria as eternal homes of peerless grandeur and artistic splendour.

Eternal Blessing Light

The traditional Buddhist practise of offering lamps symbolises dispelling the darkness of ignorance and the Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment. It also carries the aspiration to attain liberation from suffering and the cultivation of merit through good deeds.

Eternal Blessing Light

NV Seed

The principles of Sheng Ji or “Living Tomb” involve creating a tomb for a living person to harness auspicious energies of an environment with excellent Feng Shui to remedy imperfections contained within the subject’s destiny or Ba Zi.

Nirvana NV Seed


Nirvana Memorial offers the convenience of an exclusive thoughtful and hassle-free funeral service to celebrate the life of your animal companion with total peace of mind. It accords the highest dignity to mark your pet’s final journey and a way to memorialise a transcendental relationship permanently.

Ancestral Tablet

Ancestral worship in ancestral tablets is a Chinese tradition that dates back to ancient times. Ancestral tablets in the past usually take the central position at the altar of traditional Chinese homes. It is a sacred item that is synonymous with the virtue of filial piety.

Ancestral Tablet