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Funeral planning is a complex and sensitive matter. Whether as a pre-plan or an immediate need, knowing where to begin and deciding what needs to be done can be daunting for many, especially for those who have never been directly involved in the planning of end-of-life affairs. With over 30 years of experience in providing award-winning bereavement care services and products, Nirvana Asia understands this challenge.

Only RM11 per day

For as low as RM11 per day with our 0% interest instalment plan, you and your loved ones can enjoy total peace of mind and live life to the fullest.

Why Choose Nirvana

It is important that you can be able to put your trust in a bereavement care provider with a reputation for professional and outstanding service. With over 30 years of experience in providing top-notch bereavement care and private memorial park operations, Nirvana was founded on the principle that every life deserves to be remembered with respect and the dignity of a proper final send-off. You can be assured that your loved one will celebrated with honour.

Your family is as important to us as they are to you. Being an internationally recognised and award bereavement care provider that places great importance on the traditional value of filial piety, we strive to provide you with the best choices in terms of services and products to cater for every need at affordable prices.

Your confidence in us is an investment towards the future security and well-being of your loved ones that we take seriously. That is why Nirvana is backed by a trust fund managed by independent trustees to ensure that no matter what happens, your future needs as well as those of your loved ones will continue to be secured.

Your loved one and family deserve the best timely care. Our integrated bereavement care services will ensure that the needs of your loved one and family are handled quickly by our professionals, all within a single location for a convenient, worry-free experience.

The loss of a loved one is a painful experience but you are not alone. Our service representatives and consultants are ready to render assistance, 24 hours a day all year round. Regardless of where you are, all you have to do is call our careline at 010-287 9262 (Edward).

Choices are important to you. Aside from our variety of products and services, we offer convenience through flexibility with our interest-free instalment payment plans. This way, you and your loved ones can always enjoy peace of mind.

Nirvana Life Plan

1st in Malaysia

White Ladies

Nirvana Funeral Service, for the purpose of safeguarding the dignity of departed female loved ones, Nirvana Asia Group is proud to present the first ever professional female service team in Malaysia to facilitate and manage all necessary bereavement care arrangements. The team features female embalmers, beauticians, masters-of-ceremony and more to accord your grandmothers, mothers and daughters with the highest possible respect and honor for total peace of mind.

Nirvana Nirvana Life Plan White Angel


Golden Harvest Program


Entitled 2 unit GHR

Full Payment

Entitled 4 unit GHR


Entitled 4 unit GHR

Full Payment

Entitled 6 unit GHR

BUDDHIST / taoism

Nirvana Life Plan

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Honour

NV Honour

As- need: RM 43,700
Pre-need: RM 34,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:
Pre-need: RM 33,000

NV Elegant

As- need: RM32,700
Pre-need: RM27,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Elegant
Nirvana Funeral Package Nv Elegant Plus

NV Elegant Plus

As- need: RM36,300
Pre-need: RM30,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:

Installment: 4 Unit GHR
Full payment: 6 Unit GHR

NV Harmony

As- need: RM21,800
Pre-need: RM18,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Harmony

Christian/ catholic

Nirvana Life Plan

NV Gracious

As- need: RM22,300
Pre-need: RM17,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Gracious
Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Blessing

NV Blessing

As- need: RM16,300
Pre-need: RM13,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:


Nirvana Life Plan

NV Memory

As- need: RM24,800
Pre-need: RM18,800

Jan-Feb Promotion:

Installment: 2 Unit GHR
Full payment: 4 Unit GHR

Nirvana Life Plan Nv Memory