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Established in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group is a world-class, full-fledged integrated bereavement care provider with over two decades of experience in memorial park operations. Furthermore, We play a vital role in promoting an essential part of our culture concerning funeral rites in the Malaysian Chinese community. Moreover, we diligently aspire to keep improving, innovating, and raising our service standards to ensure we remain a leader in the industry across Malaysia and Asia.

Benefits of

Protected from Rising Cost

Protected from rising costs due to inflation. Through Pre-planning today, you are essentially locking in today's prices against future inflation.

Responsibility of your own final send-off expenditures

Moreover, having Pre-planning can have complete financial planning by assuming your final affairs' financial costs without burdening your family.

Have time and space to consider all factors and concerns

Furthermore, through Pre-planning early, you will be able to look around and compare services and prices before committing to any decision.

Self-reliant and choose the way you wish to be celebrated and remembered

Additionally, Pre-planning will get you to decide and have the final say on your final send-off without burdening your family with questions and doubts as to what your final wishes are.

Family will know who to contact in the event of an emergency

Besides, through Pre-plan in place, your family will know who to contact for assistance in the event of an emergency.

Family will not be pressured and can focus on what is important

Through Pre-planning, you will not pressure a family into making quick decisions based on emotions as everything has already decided earlier and paid for. Instead, a family can focus on mourning, remembering and healing.

Enjoy greater peace of mind

Along with Pre-planning, you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing all your affairs are in place and all financial concerns in life are addressed.


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Nirvana Life Plan

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Honour

NV honour

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Elegant

NV elegant

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Harmony

NV harmony

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Gracious

NV gracious

Nirvana Funeral Service Package NV Blessing

NV blessing

Nirvana Funeral Package Nv Elegant Plus

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till 31/12/2022

Nv elegant plus



Burial Plot


NV Seed

Ancestral Tablet

Pet Memorial Garden

Eternal Blessing Light

Nirvana Career Recruitment / Agent Wanted

In line with our extensive expansion plan, we are now looking for Service Advisor and agents within Malaysia to seek clients and customer who need such services.​

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